Overview of Case Studies


Overview of Case Studies#

The PhD students who participate in the Uncertainty Quantification project write articles about their current research topics. Due to the wide range of topics and relations with UQ, we have assembled these articles into case studies. Each such case study sheds light on sources and impacts of UQ on the particular field, presents field-specific methods for dealing with UQ and provides link to further readings. The following list consists of a brief description of every case study and the link to its main article:

  • The vision of sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy system of the future is subject to major uncertainties with respect to renewable energy generation.

  • Studies in degradation models are monetary and labor-wise costly, which underpins the value of computational feasible methods for uncertainty quanitification.

  • UQ in weather prediction involves addressing the inherent uncertainties in atmospheric models, data assimilation processes, and complex interactions, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of weather forecasts.The main sources of uncertainty are discussed in the article UQ in Weather Prediction.


Jonas Bauer